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2024 ArcGIS Online Student Competition Topic & Map Guidelines

Note: Arizona's competition is governed by Esri's National Competition Rules in addition to the eligibility and guidelines outlined below.

Theme Guidelines

In order to align with the national contest, you must research and map a topic that is within the boundaries of Arizona. You must answer an Arizona based question, propose a solution to an Arizona-based problem, or address an Arizona-based issue.

Topic Guidelines

Choose an Arizona topic of interest. Clearly identify what is to be mapped. Possible mapping items to include might be ...

     •  Specific items located by longitude and latitude points such as the location of all the fire hydrants in your town.

     •  Areas with common characteristics such as household income by county or census tract.

     •  Suggested broad topics for in-depth research and mapping might include (but are not limited to) wildlife, sports, immigration, politics, education, industry, land use, ecology, mining, recreation, agriculture, transportation, urban issues, and economic development. 

Video: Topic Ideas

Map Construction Guidelines

•  ArcGIS Online must be used to construct your map.

•  The map topic must be within the boundaries of Arizona.

•  The map topic must answer an Arizona based question, propose a solution to an Arizona-based problem, or address an Arizona-based issue.

•  The map may include all of Arizona or a smaller area within our state, though the mapped area should not be smaller than one square mile.

•  The project may reference data outside the state "for context" but may not extend the focus of the study beyond the state borders. For example, broader patterns of environmental characteristics or demographic movements may be referenced for context, but the focus must be on phenomena within the state.

•  The submitted map must be in one of the following forms: ArcGIS Online Web App or ArcGIS Online Story Map

•  Maps may only be submitted by an individual student or a team of two students.


•  One adult sponsor registers his or her school or formal youth club.

•  Registered sponsors will be contacted with information on how to submit entries.

•  Entries must be from an ArcGIS Online Organization account. Any U.S. K-12 public, non-public, or home school can request an ArcGIS for Schools Bundle for free that will include an ArcGIS Online Organization account.

Video: How to set-up an ArcGIS Online Organizational Account

Video Transcript: How to set-up an ArcGIS Online Organizational Account

•  Schools must announce their own internal deadlines in time to complete judging. All submissions must be received by the competition committee by 3:00 PM (MST) on  May 6, 2024.


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