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The 2024 AGIC Education and Training Symposium will be held in Prescott, Arizona at the Prescott Resort and Conference Center on August 27 - August 30, 2024.  Registration is now open, with early bird registration rates available until July 26th.  Visit the symposium website for registration details and other information.


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About AGIC

vizionThe Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) was established by Executive Order 89-24 as Arizona's primary forum and oversight group for geographic information and geographic information technology issues and coordination efforts. In 2009, AGIC was established in legislation. Changes to Arizona Revised Statutes Title 37 modernized the original statutory language. ARS 37-173 emphasized enterprise GIS, ARS 37-178 introduced language to enhance geospatial data sharing, and ARS 37-177 established AGIC in statute. AGIC identifies standards, development and implementation strategies to provide a framework in order to optimize the State's investment in geographic data and technology. Through cooperation and partnerships AGIC facilitates the acquisition, exchange and management of geographic information and technology for the State of Arizona to benefit state agencies and the Arizona GIS community. AGIC meets on a regular basis and conducts an Annual GIS Conference to address and coordinate statewide geographic information and technology issues, requirements and solutions.


The Need For AGIC

Since the 1970's the use of GIS has grown rapidly across the country. By the end of the decade all federal, state, county, and large municipal governments are expected to have GIS. Usage in the private sector is also expanding significantly. However, the rush to implement these systems creates problems:

  1. Users create their own standards for data sets resulting in mostly incompatible databases in Arizona and the nation.
  2. A lack of coordination creates the potential for duplication of work, data, and mistakes.
  3. Federal dollars available for GIS research and data development will be divided and used less efficiently among the many users without statewide coordination.

Thus, in order to be efficient and to maximize limited resources, the coordination of GIS programs and activities is essential.The purpose of AGIC is to provide this coordination.

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