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9-1-1 Committee


The mission of the 9-1-1 Committee is to provide a forum to promote and support interagency coordination on matters related to 9-1-1 geospatial data, data sharing, and applications, and facilitate 9-1-1 educational outreach and best practice methods to state, federal and local government agencies.  

The committee accomplishes this by: 

  • Providing a forum and structure to discuss items related to a 9-1-1 system to support current and Next Generation 9-1-1 geospatial data, initiatives and technologies;
  • Facilitating and coordinating statewide data sharing to support 9-1-1 systems;
  • Building a repository of educational tools to foster education of 9-1-1 Dispatchers to understand GIS map functions in a Next Generation 9-1-1 environment.


Committee Chairs

Brian Bond, Yavapai County

Eric Shreve, Arizona Department of Administration



  • 9-1-1 Data Sharing
    • Chair: Brian Bond
    • Description: The 9-1-1 Data Sharing team is building a repository of data sharing tools and documents to support communities contributing data to 9-1-1 for statewide data development efforts.


Meeting dates can be found on the AGIC calendar

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