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Several Arizona Winners at the 2022 Esri User Conference

Arizona had two Esri Special Acheivements in GIS (SAG) award winners this year and one map winner!  Please join us in congratulating all the winners!


SAG Award: Arizona State University for their Map and Geospatial Hub

The Map and Geospatial Hub 3D Explorer is a customized web application that provides a three dimensional map of the interior space of the Map and Geospatial Hub, the library unit for cartographic and geospatial resources at Arizona State University.  The tool has streamlined the process of finding resources, generating more rapid search results than the traditional library catalog while adding the the benefit of locating and visualizing the specific storage entities in which the resources are housed.  More Information


SAG Award: Pima County for the Redesigned PimaMaps Site

Pima County redesigned their primary web mapping application, PimaMaps, to expand infrastructure resources, upgrade to the latest software versions, and take advantage of new data models.  The project helped alleviate performance issues that the former system experienced due to increased user load.  More Information


Map Award: Jami Dennis for her map of Wetlands, Waterbirds, and Water: A Visual Journey through a Century of Change

Jami's map won first place for post-secondary student map.  From Jami, "This Story Map tells the complicated story of the Upper Klamath Basin through the lens of waterbirds. Once an area of vast wetlands, current extreme drought conditions coupled with more than a century of human-led landscape modification have reduced the Klamath wetlands to less than 20 percent of what they once were. As my capstone project for the Master of Natural Resources program at Oregon State University, the intent is to educate and provide potential solutions for habitat restoration."  More Information

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