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3DEP Broad Agency Announcement Webinar

The USGS National Geospatial Program is hosting a public webinar to provide information about the USGS Broad Area Announcement (BAA) solicitation for costsharing lidar projects in the upcoming Federal 2021 fiscal year.  If you have interest and funding, or are in the early stages of coordinating a lidar collection for your area of interest, this webinar will give you the information you need for FY2021 and beyond (although program details do change slightly from one year to the next). This program has enabled much important lidar acquisition for the state in recent years.

The webinar will be held on August 19 at 10:00AM (MST).  Registration is required.  Register at https://usgs.gov/3DEP/FY21BAA.  

New information regarding the solicitation (federal priority maps, links to template, additional FAQ, webinar recording, etc.) is added as it comes available.  Other helpful links include:

For any questions, email Drew Decker, Carol Ostergren, or the USGS BAA email account.

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