2021 AGIC Education and Training Symposium

Registration is open! The 2021 Education and Training Symposium is scheduled for October 25 through 29 and will be virtual this year. 

Visit the Symposium Website and register today!

The call for papers has closed but submissions for the Maps & Apps Competition are still being accepted.  Enter your map or app today!

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Mapping Our World Saving Lives with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Depicting the world and its attributes via mapping has been one of the greatest tools in solving human and environmental problems. The “Mapping our World: Saving Lives” episode of the AfricaGeoConvo Podcast, examines the world of  mapping and volunteering, with Geoffrey Kateregga. Geoffrey works with the Humanitarian OSM Team as the community Manager, East Africa Hub. He enjoys impacting the world through volunteering and mapping and encourages more local participation.

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