GIS Day 2023

GIS Day is coming on November 15th, 2023.  Join this international event celebrating GIS and how it helps analyze the Earth's information, inform decision-making, and create a positive impact. Check the GIS Day website for informaiotn on currently planned GIS Day events.

Are you wanting to host an event yourself, please share it on the GIS Day website and let AGIC know so we can post it through the AGIC-L listserv and our social media accounts. 


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Podcast with Eva Reid Empowering the Geospatial Community Empowering Women

This episode of GeoInspirations features Eva Reid, GIS professional for the District of Columbia (Washington DC) and independent GIS consultant and mentor:  Learn about her work, her journey, and her vision for the future. The interviewer, Dr. Joseph Kerski, shares, "I met Eva at a GIS conference during a presentation by Design with Nature author Ian McHarg in the 1990s. I have great respect for Eva’s tireless promotion of geospatial technology and spatial thinking across all disciplines, and in particular for her work in empowering women in technology. I believe her story is a fascinating one for those listening to the podcast—and for people to share with others!” 

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