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AZGeo Workgroup


The AZGeo Work Group mission is to coordinate a sustainable future for the state geospatial clearinghouse, AZGeo, as a central repository for geospatial data and statewide geographic information system services, facilitate the advancement of AZGeo to enhance and support state, federal, and local government business systems, and to incorporate user requirements on matters related to geospatial data, services, standards, applications, and activities to improve data sharing and use.  

The work group achieves this by:

  • Providing a forum and structure to assess the ongoing development of AZGeo as the state geospatial clearinghouse;
  • Facilitating the development of best practices, data standards, and specifications for AZGeo contributors;
  • Facilitating interagency coordination and encouraging geospatial data sharing utilizing AZGeo.

Workgroup Co-Chairs

Ryan Johnson, AZ State Land Department
James Meyer, AZ Dept of Transportation

Workgroups Reporting to the AZGeo Workgroup

  • AZGeo Data Management Plan
    • Co-Chairs: Jenna Leveille (interim) & Ryan Johnson (interim)
    • Description: This workgroups reports to both the Data Committee and the AZGeo Workgroup.

Meeting dates can be found on the AGIC calendar

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