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LIDAR Workgroup

Welcome to the AGIC LiDAR Workgroup page!

Arizona LiDAR Acquisition Plan (2019)

The AGIC LiDAR Workgroup is focused on promoting all aspects of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) efforts in the State of Arizona. We focus on information exchange to facilitate LiDAR acquisition and collaboration (especially though 3DEP program), distribution of products via AZGeo, education and outreach, and the development of best practices and data standards materials.

Workgroup Goals

  1. ​Utilize AZGeo as a key part of a LiDAR products distribution system of all LiDAR data collected in Arizona and its derivative products.
  2. Develop educational material and coordinate with the Outreach Committee to expand​ the general knowledge of LiDAR and its uses to the general public.
  3. Develop recommendations for LiDAR data standards and best practices.
  4. As part of this goal, a specific Focus on developing field plot protocols to expand the uses of LiDAR.
  5. Explore new and innovative ways to use LiDAR.
  6. Facilitate an annual LiDAR symposium which supports the above goals.

Workgroup Teams

The following teams support the LiDAR workgroup by focusing on specific goals that are important to the group.

Education / Data standards Team: This group we be focused on the LiDAR portion of the AGIC website.  Which is here…but will always be in need of updates.  We want to focus on helping people understand what LiDAR is... What can be done with it?  What do the different quality control levels mean?  Also, we need to organize content for a page where we can post data standards and important scientific papers on the topic of LiDAR.

LiDAR Symposium Team: This group will be focused on planning the next LiDAR Symposium.  Helping to plan the event, find the speakers, organize content. 

LiDAR Online Map Team: This group will focus on developing the online LiDAR map for the group.  It will focus on two things: which areas have existing LiDAR coverage, and in which areas there is need for further acquisition.  This will be the backbone of communication between stakeholders. View the LiDAR online map.

Get involved

We encourage anyone interested in LiDAR to join the LiDAR Workgroup or one of the supporting teams.  You will receive emails about LiDAR workgroup meetings, updates about LiDAR events in Arizona, and general LiDAR information!  Please contact Jenna Leveille to sign up and get involved.

Many hands make light work, so please join a team and we can accomplish great things!

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