2021 AGIC Education and Training Symposium

Save the date! The 2021 Virtual Education and Training Symposium is August 23 through 27!

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Attend a Council Meeting

AGIC was created as a public body by the Governor of Arizona. Attendance at the Council meetings is open to anyone interested in attending. The meetings follow a strict rule for public comment. Persons wishing to address the Council or an individual committee must sign in at the front door prior to the meeting. The only piece of information you need give the group is the topic to which you would like the call attention. There is no requirement that you give your name.

Join a Committee

We frequently receive questions about joining AGIC. AGIC is an executive Council  Governor of Arizona. Officially this means that direct participation on the Board is through appointment by the Governor to an open seat. AGIC Committees and Work Groups are open to anyone interested in participating. These groups are the best way to get involved in AGIC. You can find meeting information on the AGIC Calendar.  If you would like to be added to a Committee or Work Group distribution list, please fill out this form.

Join the AGIC ListServ

To subscribe: Send an e-mail to listserv@lists.asu.edu. Leave the Subject line blank and type within the body of the message, "Subscribe AGIC-L". After you receive confirmation for subscription, you may send e-mail messages to all subscribers via agic-l@asu.edu. To unsubscribe, type within the body of the message, "Unsubscribe AGIC-L"

The Arizona Geographic Information Council does not endorse any one type of hardware platform, application, or other software and as a state board, discourages the use of the AGIC ListServ for advertisements.

Attend the AGIC Conference

The AGIC Conference is an annual GIS Conference held by AGIC for the Arizona GIS Community. The Conference is the only event of its kind in Arizona. Please visit the AGIC Education and Training Sysmposium page for more information.

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