Mark Christiano Wins US Forest Service...

Mark Christiano, a member of the AGIC Council, was recently awarded the Region 3 Technology Applications Employee of the Year Award by the US Forest Service. 

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AGIC Symposium Awards 2022

Congratulations to the AGIC Award and Maps & Apps Winners at this years symposium.

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Red Cross volunteer helps monitor and map...

For his work at the American Red Cross, David Enriquez was awarded the AGIC Volunteer of the Year Award.

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Several Arizona Winners at the 2022 Esri...

Arizona had two Esri Special Acheivements in GIS (SAG) award winners this year and one map winner!  Please join us in congratulating all the winners!

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Managing Data by Direction Whitepaper

Patrick Whiteford from the Arizona Department of Transportation recently published a whitepaper titled "Managing Data by Direction."

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The mission of AGIC is to coordinate the development and management of geographic information in Arizona.

AGIC promotes the use of GIS and related technologies to address problems, develop plans, and manage the natural, economic and infrastructure resources of the state.


The vision of AGIC is to facilitate the provision of credible, timely and accurate geographic information for widespread use by decision-makers and the citizens of Arizona.


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