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Council Members

AGIC Officers

Chairperson Steve Whitney, Pima County

Vice-chair Shea Lemar, Arizona State University

Past Chairperson Gene Trobia, Arizona State University


AGIC Committees

AGIC Organizational Chart

911 Committee

Administrative and Legal Committee

Conference Committee

Data Committee

Outreach Committee


AGIC Council Representatives

Representatives from State Agencies and Instrumentalities

Christopher Lukinbeal, University of Arizona

Debra Crouse, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Eric Shreve, Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs

Eugene Trobia, Arizona State University

Glen Buettner, Arizona Department of Water Resources

James Meyer, Arizona Department of Transportation

Jenna Leveille, Arizona State Land Department

Lucas Murray, Arizona Department of Economic Security

Michael Hilstrom, Arizona Department of Administration

Nicole Eiden, Arizona Department of Health Services

Ryan McClain, Arizona Department of Public Safety

Shea Lemar, Arizona State University

Sue Smith, Arizona Forestry and Fire Management

Wesley Kortuem, Arizona Department of Health Services


Representatives from Federal Government Agencies

Chris Black, US Air Force

Dana Robinson, US Bureau of Land Management

Jay Corum, US Bureau of Reclamation

Keith Larson, US Department of Agriculture

Mark Christiano, US Forest Service

Michael Dennis, NOAA National Geodetic Survey


Representatives from GIS Consortia or Local Governments

Eric Feldman, Maricopa County

Jason Howard, Maricopa Association of Governments

Kevin Blake, Yavapai County

Kris Estes, City of Buckeye 


Representative from a Statewide Association of County Governments

Steven Whitney, Pima County


Representative from an Arizona Tribal Nation

Leslie Stovall, Gila River Indian Community


Representative from a Professional Geospatial Organization

Jack Avis, Arizona Professional Land Surveyors (APLS)


Representative from the Private Sector

Phil Ponce, Engineering Mapping Solutions

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