2023 AGIC Education and Training Symposium

Save the date! The 2023 AGIC Education and Training Symposium is planned for August 29th through September 1st, 2023 at the Prescott Resort!  Check back for updates!



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GIS News

The Importance of a Good Elevator Pitch

Sunday, November 20, 2022 - 10:38am

The adage is true: you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  This is why it’s important to have a good elevator pitch.


How Reintroducing Wolves Changed Yellowstone National Park

Monday, October 24, 2022 - 11:40am

Since 1995, wolves in Yellowstone have been tracked and studied, while the impact on plant and animal life could now be quantified.


Mapping Small Bird Migrations

Monday, October 24, 2022 - 11:38am

Tiny radio trackers, GPS, and other devices allow scientists to study complex migratory patterns of even the smallest birds.


Mapping Forest Resources

Monday, October 24, 2022 - 11:35am

Forest management tools such as ForEST, a tool created for the state of Maine, is an example of how machine learning, satellite imagery, and data on forest ecology can be brought together to create better information for forest resource managers and enable decision support.


Mapping Jellyfish

Monday, October 24, 2022 - 11:33am

JellyX uses satellite imagery and forecasts jellyfish blooms and movements using ocean current data.



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