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AGIC Requests Your Help to Fill Vacancies

December 2015 - The 35 members of AGIC serve on the Council for 3 year terms, with staggered appointment dates. This means that each, and every, year we have about 12 members whose terms will expire. This year in addition to the 12 AGIC  had a few retirements and moves. The Council now has about 15 vacancies.

Curtis Pulford the State Cartographer stated that If you are interested in serving on the Council, he would like to encourage your application to the Council. The online application process only takes a few minutes.  There is some urgency to this request. The State Cartographer's Office has been requested to try and have all applications submitted by December 13th.  If you are interested, please read on for more details. The following are Curtis Pulford's notes for the application process.Application Process:   The Council appointments are made by the Governor's Office, with advice from his Office of Boards and Commissions, who in-turn sometimes ask my opinion. Boards and Commissions shows openings for representative associated with the following Sectors:

  • Federal Government Agencies
  • Local Government or GIS Consortia
  • Professional Geo-spatial Organizations
  • State Agency or Instrumentality

Consortia and Instrumentality, in this case, would
include local or regional associations, academic institutions,  and offices related to local and state
operations.To submit an application, simply go to http://bc.azgovernor.gov/bc/form/boards-and-commissions-application

  • Have an updated .pdf copy of your resume available.
  • Letters of recommendation are not required, but you will be asked to submit the names of three references (similar to any application).
  • The application is one short page, but it is very picky about how you type in phone
    numbers, dates, and addresses.  It will highlight questionable entries for you.
  • The last step in the process is a captcha input, and submission.
  •  If you don't get sent to the confirmation page, after this step, something in the
    application needs to be corrected.
  • You will be given a confirmation number, when the application was successfully completed.
  • A subsequent confirmation page will ask you to fax in a signed authorization for
    a possible background check (not that they will automatically check everyone).

Serving on the CouncilAGIC does not require in-person attendance, we realize
that many council members are too distant from Phoenix for regular in-person attendance.   However, our meetings are public and we like your company whenever possible.Membership on the Council requires active
participation.  It is the responsibility of each Council member to attend (in-person, by phone, or through GoToMeeting)
the scheduled meetings.  Because of the
size of the Council, it is necessary for members to make a good faith attempt
to attend as many Council meetings as possible in order to reach a quorum.  It is also a requirement of membership for all Council members to be an active member of at least one of the AGIC Council
CommitteesThe AGIC Members Manual, found on the AGIC website
at:  https://arcgis2.geo.az.gov/agic/sites/default/files/AGIC_Manual_2015115_0.pdf  has much more detail on serving, committees,
operations, and procedures.Please contact Curtis if you have any questions.

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