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NAIP Point-Cloud

As part of the 2017 NAIP acquisition, the BLM funded the collection of a point cloud. This data has recently been provided to AGIC for public distribution. The statewide point cloud data set is approximately 8T of raw LAS files. For more information or a copy of the data, email agic_info@azland.gov or call 602-364-3747.

The US Forest Service has recently completed the creation of a 5m DEM test area to assess the quality of the data collected. Here is an excerpt from the report overview: “The principal goal of this project was to determine if a topographic elevation model finer than 5 meters (m) resolution could be supported by a photogrammetric point cloud derived from USDA National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) photography. Using a test site within the Tonto National Forest in central Arizona, QSI evaluated the point density patterns, accuracy, and associated supported DEM resolution using client-provided photogrammetric point cloud data from 60-cm NAIP stereo aerial photography collected in 2017. We were able to produce a reliable 1-m and 2.5-m DEM, exceeding the 5-m threshold requested by the USFS.“

To learn more about this project and its findings, read the report here.

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